Découvrez les nombreux événements, initiatives et activités commerciales organisés par HKTB dans le monde.

Date de la publicationObjet
22 Jun 2017

International Travel Expo (15-18 June 2017)

“Best of All, It’s in Hong Kong” was showcased at ITE with the participation of 12 trade partners.
21 Jun 2017

Contract Hong Kong Japan (7-10 June 2017)

The biggest ever Contract Hong Kong Japan invited 61 key travel agents from Japan to meet with Hong Kong trade.
19 Jun 2017

Hong Kong and Taiwan Multi-destination Promotion in North America (June 2017)

By cooperating with Taiwan Tourism Bureau (TTB), HKTB successfully promoted multi-destination travel in North America and created business opportunities for Hong Kong trade.
26 May 2017

Hong Kong Travel Mission to South Korea (16 & 18 May 2017)

42 Hong Kong trade partners visited Seoul and Busan to promote their latest products and learn more about HKTB’s new “Old Town Central” programme.