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24 Jun 2018Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival Successfully Wraps Up
23 Aug 2018Hong Kong Tourism Board kicking off promotions to tie in with High Speed Rail commencement
25 Aug 2018ICBC (Asia) e-Sports & Music Festival Hong Kong enters the second day Epic battles in the international e-sports tournaments and KOL Challenge in the Experience Zone
11 Jul 2018ICBC (Asia) e-Sports & Music Festival Hong Kong Largest-ever local e-sports extravaganza featuring over 110 players battling in three international tournaments
24 Aug 2018ICBC (Asia) e-Sports & Music Festival Hong Kong—Hong Kong’s largest three-day e-sports extravaganza starts today
17 Feb 2018International Chinese New Year Night Parade celebrates the Year of the Dog with the strongest ever international performance line-up
09 Feb 2018Jackson Wang Appointed Hong Kong Tourism Envoy by the HKTB Promoting Hong Kong’s diverse appeals to visitors worldwide
17 Feb 2018Pop idol Jackson Wang takes part in the Chinese New Year parade as Hong Kong Tourism Envoy