Confucius 63

Nature: Drama, Stage Productions
Organiser(s): Chung Ying Theatre Company
Description: 489 BC was a tough year for Confucius. At the age of 63, King Zhao appointed him back to the State of Chu. Yet, on the way, the states of Chen and Cai lay siege to Confucius and his students in the wilderness and attempt to starve them to death. Should he hold on to his faith, or save his life to grasp the next chance in the future?

Written by playwright Andy Tang and James Mark, directed by James Mark, Confucius 63 reshapes the image of Confucius as a paragon for over 2,000 years, and reinterprets the maestro’s achievements from a different angle.
Date: 13–16 October 2016
Time: 8pm, 13–15 October;
3pm, 15–16 October
Venue: Auditorium, Kwai Tsing Theatre
Ticketing: Tickets available at URBTIX (Tel no: +852 3761 6661)
Ticket Price: HK$160, $220, $280
e-Ticket Agents: URBTIX
Enquiry: 8106 8338
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