Lord Guan Yu on Stage

Nature: Chinese Opera
Organiser(s): Zuni Icosahedroun
Description: This opera includes the traditional classic episodes of 'Crossing Five Passes and Slaying Six Generals', 'The Single Sword Meeting', 'Lord Guan Going to Heaven' and 'Green Rock Mountain' that involve the basic skills of singing, talking, acting and fighting or acrobatics, with rituals interspersed. From Cloud Gate Theatre in Tamsui, to The Xiqu Center of Taiwan, to central and southern Taiwan, and finally Hong Kong Cultural Centre, the completion of Lord Guan's tour is the ritual to ensure peace in Taiwan and Hong Kong.
Date: 24–27 November 2016
Time: 8pm, 24–26 November;
3pm, 27 November
Venue: Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
Ticketing: Tickets available at URBTIX (Tel no.: +852 3761 6661)
Ticket Price: HK$280
e-Ticket Agents: URBTIX
Website: www.zuniseason.org.hk
Enquiry: 2566 9696
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