A Tale of the Forbidden City

Nature: Drama, Stage Productions
Organiser(s): Zuni Icosahedron
Description: Emperor Chongzhen, the last of the Ming Dynasty rulers meets the spirit of Kuai Xiang, the architect, who designed the Forbidden City Palace more than 200 years ago. Under the guidance of the architect, Chongzhen reviewed the plans for building the world’s largest wooden-structured palace city. He reflects upon the fleeting changes between the material palace and the spiritual concept of home and country. The emperor eventually completed the last rites of his departure from home, from country, from his ancestors and gave offerings to and bade farewell to the palace.
Date: 15–16 September 2017
Time: 8:15pm, 15 September 2017;
3pm; 16 September 2017
Venue: Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
Tickets available at URBTIX (Tel: +852 3761 6661)
Ticket Price: HK$180, $280, $480
e-Ticket Agents: URBTIX (Urban Ticketing System)
Website: www.zuniseason.org.hk
Enquiry: 2566 9696
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