Hua-yen Sūtra - Purification Practices

Nature: Drama, Stage Productions
Organiser(s): Zuni Icosahedron
Description: Upon reaching enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree, the Buddha gave his first teachings which were recorded in the Hua-Yen Sūtra. Light which is symbolic of the Buddha's enlightenment was described as emanating from his entire body and shining in all directions. In this Zuni performance, light is the key creative element, coming from multiple sources in real-time interaction with language, calligraphy, music and multimedia installation, bringing forth the Avatamsaka realm as described in the Sutra which focuses on the 141 daily practices for wisdom seekers to carry out mindfully in their daily lives.
Date: 2–3 December 2017
Time: 8:15pm, 2 December 2017;
3pm, 3 December 2017
Venue: Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
Ticketing: Tickets available at URBTIX (Tel: +852 3761 6661)
Ticket Price: HK$180, $280, $480
e-Ticket Agents: URBTIX (Urban Ticketing System)
Enquiry: 2566 9696
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