The Architecture of the City

Nature: Drama, Stage Productions
Organiser(s): Zuni Icosahedron
Description: Inspired by Italian architect Aldo Rossi’s book The Architecture of the City, this performance revisits one of the seminal architectural theories of the 20th century which posits that the city itself is the collective memory of its people and, like memory, it is associated with objects and places. The city is the locus of this collective memory. This work for the stage offers a contrast to present-day Hong Kong and explores the experience of an alternative space.
Date: 8–9 December 2017
Time: 8:15pm
Venue: Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
Tickets available at URBTIX (Tel: +852 3761 6661)
Ticket Price: HK$180, $280, $480
e-Ticket Agents: URBTIX (Urban Ticketing System)
Enquiry: 2566 9696
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