Ap Lei Chau Hung Shing Festival Celebrations 2018

Nature: Chinese Festivals, Festivals
Organiser(s): Apleichau Kaifong Tung Hing Association
Description: In the second lunar month, the residents of Ap Lei Chau celebrate Hung Shing Festival, which has over a hundred years of history. The festival pays homage to the deity Hung Shing, with celebrants seeking blessings from the deity for good weather and peace among the residents. A series of events are held annually in Ap Lei Chau, organised by the Apleichau Kai Fong Tung Hing Association, including: dragon and lion dances, traditional processions, Chinese opera and more.
Date: 18 March to 2 April 2018
Time: Various times
Venue: Ap Lei Chau (Apleichau Hung Shing Temple, Apleichau Hung Shing Temple Square, Apleichau Park)
Ticket Price: Free admission
Website: http://www.akfwa.com/news.php
Enquiry: 2552 7239
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