A Journey through Art: Tour and Coffee Workshop
Discover Hong Kong’s rich artistry through a vast collection of ancient Chinese masterpieces and engage with the city’s experimental contemporary art communities at Oi!. This tour also includes a coffee-making workshop that takes visitors through the roasting and brewing process, with a peek at the Hong Kong’s coffee culture.

Tour Details

Departure Time 9:15a.m., Daily Departure
Duration Approximately 8 hours
Group Size 6-15 people
Language English / Mandarin



Organiser Shaohua Travel Service (HK) Ltd (License No. 351873)
Contact Person Ms Suki Ng, E-Commerce Manager
E-mail suking@shaohuatravel.com
Tel (852) 3759 4849
Fax (852) 2566 7326


 Tour Brochure