Different Taste of Hong Kong
Under the skyscrapers and international brands of Hong Kong lie Taoist temples and Edwardian edifices, secret windows into the city’s real living culture. This tour takes visitors through the hidden façade of Hong Kong, including Victoria Harbour, the cobblestoned alleys of the Pottinger Street bazaar, Aberdeen’s typhoon shelter and one of the city’s oldest public housing estates, which allows them to see a slice of life in Hong Kong.

Tour Details

Departure Time 9:15a.m., Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays
Duration Approximately 6 hours
Group Size Minimum 2 people
Language English / Mandarin



Organiser HS Travel International Co. Ltd. (License No. 351891)
Website www.hstvl.com / www.tour3g.com
Contact Person Mr Benny Leung, Manager
E-mail tour@hstvl.com
Tel (852) 3759 7081
Fax (852) 3544 3658


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