Hong Kong Cantonese Opera and Local Cultural Tour
Get swept up in the romance of Cantonese opera, a traditional art form famed for its colourful costumes, distinctive singing, and use of intricate symbolic movement. In this fascinating tour of Chinese arts, you’ll also explore xiqu theatres and a qipao shop, where you’ll get to make your own souvenir.

Tour Details

Departure Time 2:00p.m.
Duration Approximately 6 hours
Group Size Minimum 6 people
Language English / Mandarin / Cantonese



Organiser World Starway (HK) Travel Limited (License No. 354187)
Website www.walkin.hk
Contact Person Mr Benny Yung
E-mail bennyyung@heatravel.com.hk
Tel (852) 3628 3880 / 3990 2209
Fax (852) 3628 3887


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