“Wing Chun” Kung Fu Experience Tour
Wing Chun is a traditional set of Kung Fu techniques developed over 300 years ago most famously practiced by international movie star, Bruce Lee. Visitors on this exciting tour will learn some of the unique forms that inspired Bruce Lee to develop his personal style, as well as visit a thematic exhibition of Bruce Lee, followed by a delicious meal of dim sum.

Tour Details

Departure Time 9:50a.m., Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays
Duration 6 hours
Group Size Minimum 8 people
Language English



Organiser Shoestring Travel Limited (License No. 351172)
Website www.shoestringtravel.com.hk
Contact Person Mr Maxwell Lau, Manager
E-mail shoetvl@gmail.com / shoetvl@hkstar.com
Tel (852) 2723 2306
Fax (852) 2721 2085


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