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CYTS (HK) LTD was established in 1988. It is a subsidiary of CHINA CYTS TOURS HOLDING CO.,LTD., and it is a member of TIC, Hong Kong Association of China Travel Organisers Ltd (HACTO)、The Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association . CYTS (HK) LTD is based on Hong Kong with the resources provided by the mother company, at the same time focusing on travelling, which is the predecessor to the world. Based on the past experiences, CYTS (HK) LTD is well-adapted to the changing trend of travelling, and adjust our business policy accordingly. From the foundation of serving group tours from Hong Kong and Macau, we have “Travelling team” and “Exhibition team” and other professional teams, in order to develop business of IVS and MICE industry. We aggressively develop in IVS, exhibition planning and services, and strengthen in purchasing and services, thus building up an excellent standard and system of service, in order to make the future travelling business more sustainable. CYTS (HK) LTD aims at “think what customers think, excel in providing what customers need”, and provides our products and services in best quality. Through professional and multi-facets services, we promise the actualization of every step of the process when serving and to provide value-added products. We have a high standard professional local team, which is familiar with every travelling resources and has served customers from Mainland China for more than 20 years. CYTS (HK) LTD works according to the strategic requirement of headquarter. Facing the trend of globalization of economy, we actively build up investment platform and travelling network based on the foundation built on developing business in travelling tours.
Unit 1218, Tower A, New Mandarin Plaza, 14 Science Museum Road, Kowloon
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