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DUKLING is an Icon of Hong Kong and continues to give her passengers unforgettable memories. DUKLING is owned and operated by the Dukling Limited, which aims to further popularize DUKLING to the locals and international tourists, let them know more about the history of Hong Kong and the growth of Hong Kong. In the meanwhile, we are going to raise the attention of History conservation and Historical relic conservation. DUKLING was once owned by fisherman for fishing purpose. DUKLING continues its magical journey by sailing across the sea despite the old age and toned condition. Every big boat has its identical name plate that symbolizes the soul of the boat. DUKLING’s name plate is a historical icon that has been sailing with the junk for over half a century. Made in 1955, the old alarm bell displayed on board which played an important role to ensure the safety of DUKLING. It was used to alert the other boats in the same vicinity during bad weather. Accompanying DUKLING since the junk was set to sail in 1955; the helm has a history for over 60 years. It was sunk under the sea for 3 months and was salvaged in 2015. This helm was exhibited in the Hong Kong Maritime Museum. The shell lying on the helm will be kept during the exhibition to maintain the look and feel when it was salvage. With its historical value accumulated its sailing, it is a precious collectible item. Lifebuoy has never been the most visible item on DUKLING but it safe guards every life that boarded on DUKLING. The shells that were lying on the lifebuoy showed the strong living power from the ocean.
Unit 914, 9/F, Tower A, New Mandarin Plaza, 14 Science Museum Road, Kowloon
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