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D.PARK - Family Lifestyle Park “D.PARK” desires to create a fun-filled paradise where children and parents enjoy learning together and treasure their precious times in this Family Lifestyle Park. With many family-oriented tenant mix and embracement of the “Theory of Multiple Intelligences” as a design blueprint, children are inspired to learn while having fun and families have fascinating leisure and shopping experience. Over 30 Multiple Intelligences workshops and games activities on languages, music, arts, crafts, cookeries and various themes are organized weekly, creating invaluable opportunities for parents and children to engage in learning together joyously. “D.PARK” has an area of over 630,000 square feet and a total of approximately 140 shops and flagship stores. As the first landmark paternity mall in Hong Kong, “D.PARK” is connected to many public transportation, particularly in Western New Territories, and operates shuttle buses travelling to and from the airport and Huanggang etc. Apart from public transportation, “D.PARK” also has over a thousand covered parking lot provided to consumers. With its prime location and family-oriented tenant mix, combined with amazing theme-park style activities namely Jungle Journey Parade, English Story Tour, exploration on Multiple Intelligences and numerous others, “D.PARK” aims to create a fun parent-child leisure shopping and learning destination in Hong Kong.
Shop 2078, Level2, D.PARK, 398 Castle Peak Road
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