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CUPNOODLES MUSEUM Hong Kong (the “Museum”) aims to offer invigorating experiences and renewed aspirations to arouse the curiosity and creativity within every visitor. Tasking with the responsibility to bring innovation to life throughout the Museum, Ching Chai will join the crew as Chief Creative Director. 

The Museum is neither a duplicate of the ones in Osaka Ikeda and Yokohama nor just a restatement of the two well-received workshops in Hong Kong. Close to 10,000 square foot, the Museum comprises 3 brand-new attractions themed under “The Innovation Journey of Momofuku Ando” and 3 experiential workshops. 

Of the 3 experiential workshops, “My Granola Factory” will be the most exclusive workshop in the world where visitors can have an immersive experience and dive into the story and manufacturing process of this new product. The iconic workshops, “My CUPNOODLES Factory” and “Demae Iccho Factory”, are also coming back in full force, where visitors can create personalized products and explore the fun facts about the ubiquitous cuisine that is always available in every Hong Kong household. 




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