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We are a team of cloud-based and Internet of Things (“IoT”) solution developers, consultants and specialists with over 15 years of collective experience, working across different sectors to shape a better Asia with Smart City Technologies.

Together, we strive to help our clients develop the most innovative smart home and building automation control solutions, tailored to your needs to create a more engaging and effective built environment, and a more sustainable future.

In a world overloaded with information and data complexity, we know our clients need more than technology to succeed. You need an experienced hand with indoor spaces, buildings and property management know-how to target obstacles for your daily operations, and to focus on what really matters to you. Our team of technical experts have extensive knowledge of building systems and are readily deploying the latest technology to drive better performance for our clients.

Elevant-Garde, a subsidiary of Pokfulam Development Company Limited, began life as a Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP) incubated Smart City Technology start-up. We focus on the creation of Smart Buildings and Smart Homes with the most cutting-edge cloud and IoT technologies. Over the past ten years, our approach and solutions have consistently evolved with property development and management needs to craft smart buildings and home solutions that are human-centric.


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