Hong Kong — The Premier Hub for Mega Events

Hong Kong, revered as the Events Capital of Asia and the World’s Meeting Place, has all the necessary strengths for making every mega event a huge success.

A strong line-up of world-class mega events, festivities and international conferences and exhibitions packs our city’s event calendar year-round, driving significant development in sectors including tourism, hotel, meeting venues, catering and retail, resulting in immeasurable economic benefits.

The Government will continue to work closely with all sectors of the society to boost more international mega events to be staged in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) also stands ready to serve as the first point of contact for event organisers. The newly formed Mega Event Development and Advancement team is dedicated to fostering coordination with concerned authorities and different industry partners, and promoting events while actively working to propel and attract more mega events to be held in the city successfully.

HKTB will also provide travel trade the latest mega event information on a timely basis to capture associated business opportunities and to plan, prepare, and promote events earlier for turning popularity into prosperity. As part of the collective approach, we cordially invite travel trade partners to provide potential mega events referrals. Please contact the team at megaevents@hktb.com to discuss and explore all leads.

By uniting our efforts, let's work together to enhance Hong Kong's standing as the Mega Events Capital, solidifying its status as a global city and creating win-win opportunities for all!